If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.. — Isaiah 58:10

Host Church Fellowship Opportunities

BFC encourages volunteers to get to know our brothers and sisters at the host church. Our work week is designed with multiple opportunities for interactions, including:

  • Saturday evening arrival dinner
  • Sunday afternoon lunch
  • Sunday evening dinner
  • Volunteering with BFC during the week
  • Attending BFC meal-and-worship periods during the week
  • Joining the Wednesday social event (fees may apply)
  • Attending the Friday evening dedication

Host Homes

BFC encourages volunteers to stay with host families during the BFC trip. We have found this offers several benefits, including:

  • Lower trip costs for volunteers
  • Better connections between volunteers and local church members
  • More efficient use of God's resources

Host homes do not need to be ornate. BFC volunteers are missionaries and welcome whatever assistance might be available. To be a host, you just need to be able to provide a place where a volunteer clean up and rest at night. We have had host families offer an extra room in their house, offer RVs and trailer homes, as well as vacation homes. Each experience has been unique and blessed by the Lord.

Once host families and volunteers are identified, the BFC team will work to assign specific volunteers to specific hosts so that unique needs can be met. For example, some BFC volunteers travel as a family and prefer to stay together. Some volunteers may have allergies to pets while others enjoy pets. Our forms are designed to elicit the necessary information so that our planners can properly place volunteers with the right hosts.

Host families and volunteers are paired before the trip so that they can make contact via phone before arrival, get to know each other and discuss any unique needs. Host families should plan to attend the Saturday evening arrival dinner so that they can introduce themselves and provide directions and access to the housing.

While BFC volunteers look forward to our trips each year, we are also aware that many host churches will have multiple volunteer teams visit them on back-to-back weeks over the summer; as such, BFC purposely strives to minimize our demands on host families. For example, the BFC team provides its own breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday through Friday as well as Sunday breakfast. Host families should not interpret our minimal requests as a desire to be left alone; rather, we merely try not to impose ourselves on the generosity of our hosts. Host families and others are encouraged to attend any of our meals, each of which include its own worship and devotional time.

Sunday afternoon and evening is unscheduled time for BFC volunteers. Some volunteers might wish to get to know the area some and familiarize themselves with the worksite, but this is one of the few segments of time during the week that is completely unscheduled. If a host family, or any other member of the host church, wishes to do something special for their guest(s) on a more personal level, this is perhaps the best opportunity. This is best arranged during the call with your hosted family before their arrival or in coordination with BFC staff.

On Wednesday, the BFC group tries to find a local cultural activity to attend as a group. This might include spending a day at a local attraction or taking a tour of some facility. If you are aware of special opportunities in your area, let the BFC staff know!