About Builders for Christ - South Texas

Serving one another through love — Galations 5:13

Builders for Christ

BFC teams are groups of men, women, and children serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the mission field of church construction. We help churches build their buildings by providing and coordinating volunteer labor. Our building teams consist of volunteers from ALL walks of life, including contractors, public servants, computer professionals, students, retired people, nurses, truck drivers, and more. Some already have the required skills, BUT many learn these skills year by year by serving with BFC. Children and teens grow up to be active mission builders with God because of BFC.

"Chapters" of Builders for Christ

Each "chapter" of Builders for Christ is an independent entity; this allows local control and decisions - a common feature among Baptist churches. Members of one chapter are more than welcome to participate in the trips of other chapters; in fact, those with scheduling conflicts or with the flexibility to donate multiple weeks during the year do exactly that. While we operate independently for logistical reasons, we all belong to the same Body.

South Texas Chapter

The South Texas chapter started in 2018. We are still friends with North Texas, but the Texas group grew so large, it made sense to have two groups; and given the geographic location of the group leaders it made sense to divide the group geographically. Many of our members still participate in the trips of other regional chapters due to schedule conflicts with our trips or if they are able to volunteer for multiple weeks.

The BFC South Texas Leadership Team plans and organizes a mission trip for a construction project at a host church each year. The Leadership Team is composed of of a Project Team Leader, a Construction Leader, a Safety Coordinator, several Team Leaders, and a Kitchen Coordinator.